Link love – March 28th 2007

My goodness. They’d come up with any word these days wouldn’t they? Such as nowness or integrity. Novelty words are all the rage these days, just like giving your kid whacky names, like Patrick or QuantumMechanic. Thank god poetry sets it all out and gives us the rules we can live by and what is not allowed. Have a look at

You can return to Cookie Mountain. You can return to Neverland. You can return to Oz. You can even return to sender. Check out Neil Dorgan‘s site. Mostly photography but other bits and pieces too.

We’ll get all serious for a teeny tiny moment to plug Ask Direct. We can resume normal programming in Five, four, three…

Peerside. Not about filesharing and not even about voyeurism. Trade descriptions act coming at ya!

Should you need a link and nobody else can help, maybe you should ask for some link love?

3 Responses to “Link love – March 28th 2007”

  1. Damien B says:

    Was having a look through Neil Dorgan’s site, and found a great photo in his flickr stream:

  2. neil says:

    Thanks for the link, Damien. (Mulley, not Blake)

    Actually, thanks both of you

  3. poetbloggs says:

    Thank you Damien – curtsies politely, Byron style.