Fluffy Links – March 29th 2007

Take part in this, if you can. Daithí Mac Síthigh is asking for some help:

I’m looking for people (bloggers or non-bloggers, lawyers or (especially) non-lawyers, techies or non-techies) to write a few words (or produce a presentation, podcast, whatever!) on a particular proposal for law reform that you’d like to see in Ireland (and this can include EU law, where appropriate).

See, I like the new one. It is much simpler and cleaner looking.

From the makers of Tailrank is Spinn3r. Outsource your blog spidering to someone else. Could prove handy.

How to make an e-book. Some useful points.

Conn got DMCA’d. Takedown of his interview on TG4. Someone is quite protective. Cos really, the best thing for TG4 to do to help spread use of the Irish language is to have single-vendor lock-in of their content online.

Been on many blogs but damn this is good. Suzy is right, the games have begun, I hope this continues:

One Response to “Fluffy Links – March 29th 2007”

  1. Julian says:

    Thank you for pointing people to that post! The label debate was great and very useful too: exactly the sort of information we couldn’t really find out any other way.