Fluffy Links – March 28th 2007

Most of the slides from ShareIT on March 24th are now available.

Nialler9 examines how Daft Punk really are a remix band given the huge chunks of songs they sample for their songs.

My mate Charlie’s pet project is a site for collaborative text art called Texticles. It’s like a text art Wiki. Just like a Wiki though, someone can come along and wipe everything.

Poison Dart Machine Hidden at Hong Kong Race Track. WTF?

2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – March 28th 2007”

  1. bernard says:


    ASCII Pr0n without the pr0n. This is addictive.


  2. Business Advisory Share IT slides and mail boo boo

    You can access them from businessadvisory.ie

    If you don’t know what Share IT is have a look here

    Damien is driving the site at the moment, and as I posted previously, I make no claim to the site, content or hard work put into the Irish Small Bus…