Fluffy Links – March 23rd 2007

ShareIT is on tomorrow. I am not shutting down any PC! There’s lots of space still and it now starts at 10am. Do come along if you have time.

Car sharing in Cork. Give feedback?

Now that’s a touchscreen.

Downloadmusic.ie got a nice online music player. Check it out.

The guy that did the pro-Obama, anti-Hilary video has resigned from his job.

CSS are playing Cork. They’re a band. Pah, nerds!

McDowell loves his press releases.

So NewsCorp and NBC are building a YouTube competitor but have yet to give it a name. So Google did and called it Clown Co. It may just stick.

Dave Winer is now keynoting at the Flattening of Politics conference in New York in May. As of last night I was going. As of this morning I am not as while I was comfortable skipping one college exam to go, I now realise I would have to skip two. Can’t afford to do that. I really think an Irish representative should go to this and I’m willing to start a fund to get someone to go.

Any update on Educamp Ireland? I’m considering doing another *camp but about activism.

If you want to have a cool brand, you have to do cool shit. Amen brother.

Delicious is his Twitter. Apparently.

5 Responses to “Fluffy Links – March 23rd 2007”

  1. I want to see CSS really, really badly. I’m praying I’ll be chosen for the tickets, coz Brazilian electro bitches are so hawt right now.

    Wanna come with me, Damo? 🙂

  2. Ah gawd, I read CSS, thought style-sheets and moved on. Just followed the link to see who they were. Still no clue. I’ll go and put on one of my 78’s and have a lie down.

  3. That shutdown thing. What a pile of old toss. If you want me to turn off my computers then I have to turn off my PCs, phones (mobile and DECT), Sky+, TV, boiler, microwave, cd player, house alarm, MP3 player, watch and car?

    You get the feeling it was thought up by people who really don’t know what “computers” are.

  4. They’re also playing in Carlow, which’ll mean it’ll be dirt cheap! Woohoo!

  5. 4Basra says:

    I’ll volunteer to go to NY.

    If there’s a story somewhere there it might pay the plane fare.