Link love – March 23rd 2007

Tims Times reaches the parts other blogs never reach. You know the parts I mean. Oh actually you don’t, you sick puppy. I meant in the niche market area that blogs are great for. Tim Ruttledge’s blog on all thing maritime is great though. Feedburner feed. Flickr profile.

Damien Blake. Do not call him “the Blakester”. He doesn’t like that. He won’t give you a lift in one of his 8 different sports cars. In unrelated news Damien is a politician with the peoples party – Fianna Fail. Feedburner feed. Twitter profile.

Kevin Peyton’s Health Tech Blog. Unlike Biotech health blogs that talk about making creatures made from men and leopards and trout, this is devoted strictly to tech and health. He has very interesting views on how the bionic woman makes a better superhero than Wonder Woman. That right Kevin?

Then there’s Kav. He’s like the male version of a female Kav. He is not of this country anymore. No I don’t mean he’s dead. He lives in Scotland or if you want to annoy a Scot, called it Northern England. Kav is sound. Feedburner feed.

3 Responses to “Link love – March 23rd 2007”

  1. Kevin says:

    you have cruelly exposed my highly subliminal raison d’etre.

    Now I will have to write about real stuff….


  2. Twenty Major says:

    If Damien Blake has seven children then uses them and launches a sci-fi pop band calling them Blakes 7 then I will champion his cause, to my dying breath, as next leader of this country.

  3. kav says:

    Lollers. Cheers D.