Link love – March 22nd 2007

There once was a man from Venus. Then he moved to Nantucket. Or was it Scunthorpe? Or maybe Nobber in whatever county that place is in. Anthony‘s blog is not based there.

If the Robots win we’ll have to listen to techno. Niall O’Keeffe will not allow this. He has even invested heavily in spandex gear to prevent this horrible awful future. Support Niall’s plan to stop robots like 6 from Battlestar luring innocent men into having the time of their lives.

Staying on the robot theme. Do androids really dream of electric sheep? Robert Synnott hasn’t answered. The shit. I mean they even turned the question into a book to get more attention so he’d have to answer. Stubborn isn’t he? He should, dontcha think? Join me and sign the petition. Feedburner feed. Delicious profile. Twitter profile.

Grandad makes me feel uncomfortable. He’s doing the opposite of Google really. Google don’t want you to say “I Googled for that” whereas this guy is reclaiming the generic word, the same way the gayers have reclaimed the word “homosexual” and made it sound all descriptive instead of the old version which meant happy and nice.

7 Responses to “Link love – March 22nd 2007”

  1. Anthony says:

    I have been known to travel. 🙂 Cheers for the linky damien

  2. KatieC says:

    Did I just see you tucking into a lovely curry at the farmers market in mahon point? If not, carry on. If so, well, I was going to go over and say ‘hi’ but I was unsure of the official protocol for the occasion. Does one curtsy, bow or what when one is in the presence of a famous blogger. Please advise. Confused of cork.

  3. Grandad says:

    What are ye on about? You are confusing me in my old age! I would hate to make anyone uncomfortable… Is it because I Google, or because I search for things on the Internet?
    I’m feeling distinctly uncomfortable!!

  4. Grandad says:

    Sorry Damien, I’m being incredibly slow. Put it down to age.
    I take it you mean my hi-jacking of the word Grandad? Sorry about that 🙂
    Maybe in the future I’ll end up in the dictionary?
    1) Grandfather
    2) Cantankerous auld blogger

  5. Robots, eh? Eh? EH?


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  7. […] Also I am making Damien Mulley uncomfortable because he thinks I am redefining, or hijacking the word Grandad. He might be right. I did a search on “Grandad” on Google, and I come up number 4 there too! […]