B to the A to the Arrrr – Bar Camp Ireland – South East

BarCamp South East Ireland

Well the next episode of BarCamp Ireland will be in Waterford on January 20th. Keep updated with the Bar Camp Ireland South East wiki and Bar Camp Ireland South East blog.

Do go along. I’m going to see can I go. Great idea about displaying the pics of attendees in advance. The last BarCamp was really fun and I’m this next one will be too. Hopefully we might see that halfbaking idea too.

And yes, I am a thief for stealing Ken’s bandwidth by hotlinking to the logo he made.

4 Responses to “B to the A to the Arrrr – Bar Camp Ireland – South East”

  1. Ken McGuire says:

    Just when I was about to write a big essay on Damien Mulley being a bandwidth thief and then replacing the barcamp image with some silly picture stating how much of a thief Mr. Mulley is.

    My answer instead…. “Be my guest…”

  2. And even better – now on Flickr

    And thanks Ken – I missed it on your blog!


  3. […] Thanks again to KenMc for doing the sidebar logo variation (spotted via Damien’s post as I had missed it) […]

  4. Lal says:

    I just did a review on the videos from “funding 4 startups” panel discussion
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