Halfbaking – Something to try at the next BarCamp

A Dave McClure idea, halfbaked could easily be run as an event at BarCamp. Here are the guidelines from Dave:

  • Act 1: start by having people yell out ~50 random words.
  • Act 2: split into 5 teams, each chooses 2 words + “.com”
  • Act 3: each team has ~10 min to prep their BlankBlank.com biz plan
  • (biz plan = product idea, revenue model, marketing plan, logo, tagline)

  • Act 4: each team does a 5 minute pitch on their product to a VC
  • Act 5: vote on who did the best job, then celebrate the insanity

Details of the latest Halfbaked

This looks like a quite fun thing to do and along with Pecha Kucha would make the event a little more relaxed and interactive.

2 Responses to “Halfbaking – Something to try at the next BarCamp”

  1. Pat Phelan says:

    Love it
    really excellent idea

  2. thinking of trying it at a grad night in work. might be fun. will post results!