Fluffy Links – November 28th 2006

Charity You’re A Star not to great on the charity.

Niagra falls from space.

What’s the best way to gain the support of a large number of people? Prey on their ignorance. There will always be a large amount of people who will never understand modern technology or consumer devices. Echo their inner feelings and fear of the new and you’ll be their champion. Bill O’Reilly thinks the iPod is a danger to America. Bill Gates did not sponsor him.

On the opposite side you could be like Bill Clinton and try and be everyones friend. Barack Obama plays the sweet card and rings up a journalist and apologises for causing them embarassment. If you want the support of people that like charming characters then you do what Barack does. I’m sure Obama was genuine but I’m sure it was also contemplated that a journo would be a journo and write about it.

Jakob Nielsen on digital divides.

Good article/post on broadband and the public interest.

Fantastic pic of a tower in Russia that reaches above the clouds.

Search engine for law blogs.

Johnny Cash, live in prison:

KLF – Last Train to Trancentral

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