Fluffy Links – November 20th 2006

Redmum introduces Moofobs.

Via Seth: Your Name on Toast – the next Million Dollar Homepage? This one is for charity though. My main question is how do they burn the name onto the toast?

Vote via TiVo or your PC? We can’t even get e-Voting right, should Ireland just move to looking at online voting?

Biomapping. Map your feelings in a real world environment. Find areas of greatest stress and calm in your neighbourhood. Interesting idea.

Flutes? Huh?

Phil is busy blogging.

Cool app for your website. Snap Preview. Allows you to see a small preview of the website being linked to without having to visit it.

Mike Murphy pranking Gay Byrne:

The Pogues and the Dubliners on the Late Late Show(Slugger O’Toole, drunk as a rule):

The Pogues – Rainy Night in Soho:

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  1. Redmum says:

    Yeah, I’m a fluffy link 🙂