300k since June 2005

I think sometime around the end of June 2005 I started the statcounter for this blog. (See the end of the page to view the live stats.)

Sometime over this weekend the counter went over the 300k mark. I’d like to thank everyone that reads this blog and links to it and leaves comments on the blog. Thank you for years of feedback and for coming back again and again.

Below is a graph of visits to this site. Right now visits range from 200-1000 per day but the trend seems to suggest the upper point is going down slowly over time. Thanks also go to Blacknight.ie who have hosted this site for the past few years and dealt with all those lonely nerds who came to the site in their 1000s to find a girlfriend and put pressure on their servers.

Visitors to Mulley.net

3 Responses to “300k since June 2005”

  1. Parnell says:

    Congratulations Damian for the achievement. Excellent – well done, onwards and upwards.

  2. Michele says:


    Thanks for the kind words 🙂


  3. […] This morning the site ticked over to 400,000 unique visitors since June 2005. In November the counter showed it was at 300k. Here’s the graph: […]