Ireland 31st in Digital Opportunity Index

Ireland doesn’t even feature on the ITU’s Information Society’s Digital Opportunity Index Chart. We’re 31st!


What’s the DOI?

The Digital Opportunity Index evaluates the opportunity, infrastructure and utilization of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for 180 economies worldwide. The Index monitors the mobile communications that promise to bridge the digital divide in many parts of the world, as well as more recent technologies such as broadband and mobile Internet access.

Seems we suck overall for ICT, not just broadband.

2 Responses to “Ireland 31st in Digital Opportunity Index”

  1. Cian says:


    What a country. If we managed to divine competitiveness from somewhere in the last 15 years were screwed now.

  2. Jack M says:

    It’s important to review the ‘basket’ inputs that the economists use for this. Some samples are to be found on

    I look in detail at this. Prof Michael Porter and team contruct inputs and weights around items such as: infrastructure, Patent Policy, Social matter etc.