The sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new – Fluffy Links September 25th 2006

You can now print your own stamps in the UK. When will An Post come out with something like this or are they afraid this measure would mean another nail in the coffin of rural post offices?

Belgian News sources win a case against Google, preventing their news being shown on Google News. Google were forced to display the judgement on the websites. Google went one step further and interpreted the ruling to remove every reference to all newspaper sites. Now you won’t find any links to these Belgian news sites on Google. Can a commercial website live without being listed on Google?

A ring that reminds you of your wedding anniversary. Sad.

On the same topic. Will Paddy Power do this next? Bet on when your friends marriages will break up.

Who Called Us. Handy website to list the companies that deliberately leave missed calls so you call them back and hear some marketing crap. One for Ireland would be nice.

Rahzel РIf your mother only knew(Live). Bjork used this vocal percussionist for her album Med̼lla.

Demotivator. Make your own motivation style posters.

A blender alarm clock. Blender starts at a programmed time. This would certainly be annoying enough to get me out of bed but I’m sure it’d last two days at most before meeting the wall at high speed.

Italian bloggers are now being invited to politcal events.

The Cornell Note-taking system. For everyone going or going back to college.

Why they wouldn’t allow me to be a fighter pilot.

Ricky and David on extras:

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