Expenses for TDs and Irish Senators

The expenses for TDs and expenses for Irish Senators were taken from a 230 page document I got from the Oireachtas. God bless the FOI process. I think the Examiner or Indo were the ones to first request this and so all I did was rerequest it and the really helpful people in the Oireachtas Press Office went and got it for me. Thanks to those in there! You can download the document and the other accompanying documents here. I’m certain that a lot of the information in those documents can be analysed and patterns taken out of them. Anyone want to do a google map plotting the amount of time present in the Dáil compared to mileage expenses claimed?

2 Responses to “Expenses for TDs and Irish Senators”

  1. That line of analysis will miss the biggest cherries for claimants–overnight claims for overseas duties.

  2. […] This is a trend which also affects other sectors. As information becomes more freely available, people can do with it as they please which might make people feel a bit uncomfortable. For example, Damien Mulley posted the amount expenses that Irish TDs and Senators claimed for 2005 last week. A little googling and you’d be surprised whose salary you uncover. […]