Cork Bloggers Meetup Sat April 8th

Whoever is interested in meeting up on April 8th, just stick your name in the comments and a suggested venue. Venue doesn’t matter too much. Yes Conor, Cork City, not Bandon.

11 Responses to “Cork Bloggers Meetup Sat April 8th”

  1. *waves hand* I’ll bring the camera 🙂

  2. Rinceoir says:

    You are joking me…

    That’s the weekend I move up to Dublin hopefully to something better than the cardboard box I’ll be bringing on my back.

    We’ll see how it pans out. I may yet turn up at the venue.

    I don’t believe it….

  3. ryan says:

    I shall err ah, also bring the camera.

  4. walter says:

    Can’t guarantee I’ll be there given recent events (2nd child born yesterday) but I might drop in for an hour or two.
    Suggested venue: The long valley (they still do those doorstep sandwiches don’t they ?).

  5. Tom Raftery says:

    I’ll try too – what time?

  6. Mark says:

    Will I get shot on sight?

  7. Winds says:

    Yes, I’ll be along. Seeing as there is already an abundance of cameras, I’ll wear make up.

    Walter – congratulations.

  8. Dave says:

    Time of Day/Night? 99% certain I’ll be there.

  9. […] Next event: There’s a blogger meetup in Cork this Saturday (8th April) for all interested, organised by Damien Mulley. So that’s Galway and Cork covered in the space of 8 days! Perhaps one in Dublin around the middle of May? If this is agreeable I’ll post details on it towards the end of next week – suggestions please! […]