Remember to actually put something in the title

Web 2.0 A-listers for Dublin event. The Web 2.0 is a load of bollox. It’s like calling a Power point presentation Presentation 2.0 just because you found new swishes and fadings and woosh sounds and segways. Christmas Tree 2.0 because we have new sparkly tinsel. Been through the same hype for WAP, java, shockwave, activewords and all the rest. A-listers? Jesus. There are no A-listers. We barely have enough “listers” in the first place. Fight Club time: “You are not your fucking A-Listers, you are not your fucking paradigm shifts, you are not your fucking AJAX.” Less time on making new labels and inventing new half-speak and more time on making products that are useful and do something, thanks.

Well done to Tom Raftery too by the way who just happens to mention in the comments in the post above, a very understated “mini-conference” in June that IT@Cork are running. He made the same announcement in a matter-of-fact comment at IT@Cork RSS event on Monday night. Mini? Look at the lineup. Fantastic.

Tom also has news about a nice deal with Electric News who’ll have a Podleaders channel on their site. Way to go Tom. Good to get greater recognition.

Another Corkman was in the Irish Times today too. Well done Walter Higgins of PXN8. Love the Tom Coates quote too.

suggested someone should give it a “bajillion dollars”

Brilliant post from TwentyMajor on how blogging can once again keep families in touch. Love the linkroll on the new site too.

Via BoingBoing are these dead cute Love/Hate mittens for a baby. Perhaps we should have a line for all the soon to be or recent Dads in the Blog O’Sphere? “Baby Blogger” maybe?

iPod Nanos are not pregnancy tests, you stupid girl. Meanwhile, how about doing webhosting/colocation on an iPod Nano?, search all the Irish job sites at once. Bernard mentioned RSS feeds for job listings. If did this for their sites using both the catergory sections and the search ability then every other job site would be redundant. Dionsaurs will always become extinct if they don’t evolve.

Amazon builds a service allowing anyone to make their own search engine. Woah. First they bring in dirt cheap file storage with Bittorrent support and now this. Amazon is turning into an infrastructure provider. Clever.

3 Responses to “Remember to actually put something in the title”

  1. pb. says:

    The headline says it all really,

    Apologies for the ugly links – not sure if HTML would have worked.

  2. I just relayed the news as emailed to me but you’re quite right Damien, it was lazy blogging. Mea culpa.

  3. Paul Browne says:

    ‘Web 2.0 is a load of Bollox’. Is that a technical term? 🙂

    Seriously though , couldn’t agree with you more – and this is coming from somebody who has done the Ajax Article thing / given the Web 2.0 presentation.

    Quote from that presentation: Everybody is an expert on Web 2.0 , because *nobody* is an expert.

    I remember working for US Multinationals in the late 90’s that had ‘Internet Experts’ , as if all the knowledge on the web could be downloaded into one person’s brain.