Casting your comments – Robin’s new tech tool

CommentCasting has been born. Well done to Robin Blandford on this and it really looks like a good addition to podcasting. What I especially like about it is that it doesn’t require a broadband connection to interact with a podcast or the website it is hosted on. I bet there’ll be lots of uses for this technology that Robin never considered. That’s one of the things I love about tech evolution.

Odeo brought about a voicemail type application where people can leave audio messages on your blog or under your podcast but this confines it to people with a computer and a broadband connection. Not very handy for those on the move listening to podcasts on their iPod.

One idea I suggested to Robin is some kind of “You’re a Star” style competition where people can ring in and sing their song down the phoneline and it is automatically uploaded to a website where people can log on and rate the song. The same could be done for poetry. Read your poetry down the line and upload it to a poetry website. Lots of people don’t have microphones on their pcs. This is a handy way to upload.

Another application: Having Robin’s service available during the Dublin riots for live or very near live reporting would have been well worth a listen. Stick little dots on Google Maps too so you can listen to the commentary from different locations during the riots. Imagine if Robin had this service available during special events that were taking place where people could, there and then, make comments or give running commentaries.

Again, well done on this Robin.

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  1. Robin says:

    Cheers Damien :-)… ooooh ooooh leave us a comment! “076 60 20 927” … ID 107.

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