FUD? Apples in every Primary School by 2007?

Via Digg is the story that there’ll be Apples in every Primary School in Ireland by 2007. Sounds like a lot of FUD to me. The FIS website says nothing about it either and the Apple FIS page doesn’t directly quote Mary Hanafin There is also nothing on the Dept. of Education Press page about this. I should think the Minister would want some of the press glory if this were true. Google Mary Hanafin and FIS or Apple. Nothing comes back. I think this is pure marketing bull. Can anyone find me any additional information on this? Maybe there’s a press embargo in place?

Update: Kate in the comments verifies that this is bogus. Thanks Kate.

One Response to “FUD? Apples in every Primary School by 2007?”

  1. Kate Butler says:

    I looked into this last week – the Department of Education says there are no plans to install Apple computers in every primary school in Ireland.

    Indeed, the profile on Apple only says: “FÃ?S plans to support the use of film in all of Ireland’s 3,500 primary schools by the end of 2006.”

    When I spoke to the National Centre for Technology in Education, they said that this means FIS will provide support to any schools that may already have video equipment available to them, not that FIS will necessarily provide new equipement.