Brain almost emptied out, then I can study

So before I start on my overdue contract assignment I have a few more things to blog about.

Conn Ó Muíneacháin has a new blog. One which ignorant mise can read. Yes Conn, you are an Edge case.

The Google GDrive is coming closer to launch. Wow and stuff. (Yes, that was sarcasm.)

How Robert Scoble enabled a company to sell 1.3 million dollars worth of software in three days. One man, one blog, one good idea, one million dollars though they didn’t make one dollar. So the deal was they offer their software for 5 dollars. The 5 dollars would be donated to the Red Cross. They wanted to see how many units they could sell in a 4 days. They sold 2,642 units. That’s a lot of new customers and customers who are techy in nature and might all have blogs. Very clever idea. Who’ll try it in Ireland?

Speaking of which. Hugh mentions Sprint giving free phones to bloggers and says they’re not doing anything new or interesting. He thinks his idea of giving free wine to bloggers was better because he himself blogged as well did the Stormhoek folks. It wasn’t just push marketing. Stormhoeks was a two-way thing. o2 gave me free phones of late to give to those at the Blog Awards without any conditions but I have asked all winners to blog about the phone. o2 might get themselves even more credit/kudos if they had their own blog for their i-mode products. I’m actually considering only taking sponsorship next year from companies who blog whether it being an official blog or an identifiable employee that blogs.

IR Free Stuff – give away stuff for free or get stuff for free. Isn’t the word “stuff” great?

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