This one goes out to the one I love

Invisible people have invisible rights as my tagline goes.

Extracted from this blog post:

While waiting for the next report to start the DJ took to the microphone to take a request. A young man was on the line and the DJ asked him his name. “Sean�, he replied. The DJ asked him what song he wanted to hear and who he wanted to dedicate it to. He said he wanted to hear The Door’s “Light My Fire� and he wanted to dedicate it to his boyfriend Josh. The DJ said “no problem Sean, and where are you and Josh tonight?�. Josh replied “Hamilton� and the DJ then said “You guys have a good night� and with that the song began to play.

The blogger cries after hearing this. I just smiled cos I’m a bloke and my mates and I talk soccer and stuff. A real manly thing to do. Grrr and rarrr.

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear more things like this on the radio? I don’t listen to the radio that much but when I do hear people ring in requests I have never heard one dedicated to a samesex partner except once ever at 630am on TodayFM when a girl asked for a song for her girlfriend and the amount of males that rang in afterwards doing the equivalent of rubbing their thighs and going “phoar” was quite high.

Richard might think that political gays are more visible in the blogging world than the stats suggest they should be, but when it comes to daily interactions such as the trivial things like requests on radio shows and so forth, gay people are still quite invisible. Even less invisible if you don’t go to hair salons and buy your clothes in Top Man. I’d much rather see the odd mention that gay people exist like via requests on radio stations than having to suffer Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Will and Grace – a show then years old and where the main gay character has kissed a guy once or maybe twice on-screen and the best supporting gay is the most vapid creature on earth. Though they exist in real life, I admit.

There was meant to be a point to this post I think, hmm, oh yes here it comes around the corner now: It seems quite disappointing that society is now coming around to the fact that gay people exist yet most are still out of sight. Tony Cascarino was on the sports section of the Last Word on TodayFM on Friday talking about gay soccer players and his advice was they should stay closeted as it would be too dangerous for them especially sharing a dressing room with other soccer players and the taunts they’d get from the crowds. Bit of a way to go yet then.

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