Soundseeing tours of Dublin – Tourist Office podcasts

Via Smartmobs comes news that the Dublin Tourism site is offering podcasts of various tourist walks around Dublin. About time. I suggested Soundseeing tours of Cork a while back with the timings and maps of the tour being “open sourced” so people could mash-up the audio files. I still think something like that would have a lot of potential.

4 Responses to “Soundseeing tours of Dublin – Tourist Office podcasts”

  1. Jett Loe says:

    wow that’s a great idea – would be cool if they did that up here in belfast –

  2. Damien says:

    Why not do it yourself? 🙂 Or get on to them to do it?

  3. Donal says:

    That’s a pretty cool idea. Perhaps a few of us bloggers in Cork could do one each and set them up in a single location. Alternatively, let’s get some funding from the Cork Corporation and do it properly.

  4. Donal says:

    Oops, forgot the http:// bit in the link above. Will you add it?