Google – where privacy is an evil lie

John Battelle asked Google what details they store and I think this has stark implications for Ireland with the new Data Retention Spy Law.

These “server logs” typically include your web request, Internet Protocol address, browser
type, browser language, the date and time of your request and one or more cookies that may uniquely identify your browser

In other words, yes, Google does record this data. But, does it KEEP that data, I asked? The answer:


Kind of on the same topic, via Google Blogoscoped is a mini video on why the L in Google is green.

2 Responses to “Google – where privacy is an evil lie”

  1. JWT says:

    Google have always kept this information, its part of the process where they check a pages relativity/usefulness.

    For example 100 people search for “irritumâ€?, Google logs these requests but more importantly logs the pages clicked to refine the accuracy of their search results.

    So if all 100 people click the last entry on page 1 then that entry will be moved up the listings next time a search for “irritum� is completed.

    The scary part is that they also have their cookies set to expire way in the future so even though your IP address may change the logging still tracks you. Couple that with the depth of knowledge that Google has of your searches, resulting page visits, a database that contains the full contents of the site your visiting and you soon see why intelligence agencies are wetting themselves at the thought of data mining Google’s logs.

    My own gut feeling is that intelligence agencies would have already penetrated Google but this new move is to legalise the data capture in order to make it available in court.


  2. JWT says:

    Oh and the BBC did a good piece about Google

    You can catch it at