Soundseeing Tours of Cork – There’s Me Culture!

Another lazyweb suggestion, especially for the Cork2005 celebrations. Like the idea of doing remixes of audio tours of the MoMA, how about doing audio tours of Cork locations? It might be a handy cultural thing for the Where’s Me Culture? group. But as well as doing Audiotours, complete with Googlemaps or something like that, let others remix the audiotours and host them.

So for the one map you could have a serious historical tour, one comedic tour, a ghost tour, one as gaelige etc. Stick a creative commons on the raw material and allow others to create new audiotracks. You could even host the best ones yourself.

I noticed that you can even add pics to podcasts now. I’ve been trying to find a guide on how to make these audio tours like the museum ones. Must do some further digging.

Wonder would Dave, Donncha, Ryan or Tom be interested in doing these?

Of course it applies to non-Cork places too, naturally. 🙂


4 Responses to “Soundseeing Tours of Cork – There’s Me Culture!”

  1. […] Via Smartmobs comes news that the Dublin Tourism site is offering podcasts of various tourist walks around Dublin. About time. I suggested Soundseeing tours of Cork a while back with the timings and maps of the tour being “open sourced” so people could mash-up the audio files. I still think something like that would have a lot of potential. Technorati Tags: blogs dublin ireland irish irishblogs podcast soundseeing walk […]

  2. Tom Raftery says:

    Sure, why not, it could be interesting (and I might learn something about Cork!)

  3. Tom Raftery says:

    You sure that article link is right?

  4. Damien says:

    What the heck? Weird. Cant remember the link now since I posted this in August. Removing for now.