An Irish Bloggersphere Bittorrent Tracker?

As I’ve said before the new Video iPod will change it all. Like it did for Podcasting Apple and iTunes will be a massive provider of homemade content. TV as we know it wil cease to be. It’s already started with episodes of Lost available from iTunes at $2 a pop.

With broadband being so pervasive in all but the most backward of countries people will find it easier and easier to put up content on their website and have their friends (from around the world or even friends from just around the corner) download the podcasts or videocasts or whatever they created. If they are a popular blogger or the favourite child in a 1000 strong clan, the 50mb homemade rockgod video they created will soon start to eat up bandwidth on their server and their hosting company could get pissed.

Taking the service Prodigem have where they scan your RSS feed for enclosures and if they find anything create a torrent for it and applying it to the Irish Blog aggregation services, you could have a distributed media library for Irish culture. Homemade videos, live (legal) recordings of concerts, interviews with Irish emigrants, hell you could even have clips from RTE News if given permission.

I wonder could this get an Arts Council grant? To prevent abuse or copyrighted material going on to it, perhaps the content would also need to have a tag accompanying it, otherwise all the fun videos TCaL put on their site would also be distributed.

It would be good though to have a central distribution point of Irish podcasts and videocasts and whatever else is in store for citizen made and distributed media and use Bittorrent to save on server load.

4 Responses to “An Irish Bloggersphere Bittorrent Tracker?”

  1. Gavin Byrne says:

    I agree completely.

    I’m involved with a Community Television project in Dublin and people have started asking to have their short video projects put up on the website. But we certainly don’t have the bandwidth for that sort of thing, so the videos will have to be very low quality. So I’ve been looking into Bittorrents as a way of getting high quality video content out there.

    And until we have secured a licence from the BCI it will be a great way of letting people get feedback on their work.


  2. […] The cheap as chips Amazon storage service also has BitTorrent support. Back in October I suggested an Irish Bittorrent service and I was thinking about it again recently. With Amazon I wonder do we need it now. The price: $0.15 per GB of storage per month, and $0.20 for each GB of data transferred up or downstream. That’s very bloody cheap. Should be very very handy for podcasters like the lads from Letter to America Technorati Tags: amazon awards blogs ireland irish irishblogs lettertoamerica s3 torrent […]

  3. lorraine mulley says:

    i would like to know is there any mulleys still in ireland and where arethey

  4. You can check out Molotov Digital is an Irish based, legal, peer-assisted, bittorrent, distribution service that eclectic mix of documentaries, propaganda, films, TV programmes and assorted shorts. We are currently running a Beta Test with several European distributors including Network Ireland Television here in Dublin to distribute Irish shorts from the Filmboard, Filmbase and TG4.