Is this what could be?

A good while back I talked about the idea of and the potential to use it for Citizen Journalism. (Comments now work on that post.) :)

This evening I happen upon Common Times. From their blurb:

CommonTimes is a social bookmarking community for news readers. Peope like you determine the headlines by adding stories to our site. Become a citizen editor, it’s easy to get started

They provide integration with Bloglines and Delicious.

Read their Ten ways to use Common Times.

Looks fun. Nothing groundbreaking in the idea.

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4 Responses to “Is this what could be?”

  1. simon says:

    any update on

  2. Damien says:

    Nothing to report so far. More than likely will need to hire a developer to implement it, which means getting a bit of cash together. Maybe I can “monetize” the Blog Awards? :)

  3. podcom says:

    Irish Newsroom Podcast

    A couple of months back I was thinking about future uses of podcasting and how the listener could contribute to a podcast.
    In the meantime Damien was talking about
    What I want to be is somewhere which gathers stories from Iri…

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