Fluffy Links – Monday May 19th 2014 – A media special

Oh, a very media heavy Fluffy Links this week.

Had a post in draft about the UTV annual report but last night the Sunday Times tweeted they had a story about the same in their Sunday edition. So I put the post live there and then. I was holding it for the Monday when it would reach more people but maybe I need to cop on given I keep talking about ignoring news cycles and the like and to get things out correctly and first yet here I was holding on to it.

And on that. An NPR journalist tweeted out some great information about the firing of New York Times editor Jill Abramson. First out the traps, great. Just tweets, no link to a holding page or page at all. So Vox “storified” the tweets instead of NPR and in a way got the traffic/views for it. NPR wrote a post about things they learned from this. Read it.

An internal report on the future of the New York Times and that was critical of their digital work also leaked out this week. At first a crappy scanned in version appeared, then a full proper digital version. This post highlights 30 points that everyone that works in digital and cares about the future of all types of media should read. To be honest for those already working in digital, this is already obvious. So lots of new unseen ideas for Irish media!

The home page is dead. Well actually, the home page compared to all traffic to your site is dead but it’s no without a heartbeat.

Meanwhile, Eoin Purcell isn’t hugely positive about the physical book market in Ireland.

via Rick. More media thingies. The Beeb are using Whatsapp and Wechat for news distribution to the public around the Indian elections.

Web app to allow you to connect directly and pitch stories to journalists. Just Reach Out.

Guardian highlights great iPhone photo apps that can really make your photos better quality. Catch more in a photo with them.

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