Fluffy Links – Friday 24th of January 2014

Saw a sign for this yesterday. Cork Literary and Science Society. Some great talks. First time hearing about them. Look at the talks! I know I’m getting old but what great talks!

And on the same area. Kinda. Old Photos of Cork blog. Super stuff.

Michael D speech on Ethical Memory. Wonderful stuff.

Beautiful examples of use of punctuation in classic novels. *Steals some ideas*

A list of misquotations. Many I have used had the wrong attribution it seems.

Where “Screw the Pooch” came from.

The story of the Cord Taco. Simple idea that came from a request from someone else. From zero to selling in the Apple Store in a year. From the writing though you can tell this guy has his strategy and managed this very well. The product is great, the execution is where the greatness is.

New book from Dave Hieatt. Crowd funded. Go on.

“Startup culture” demotivational posters.

Always keep a diamond in your mind

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