Fluffy Links – Monday January 27th 2014

“We are depriving ourselves of every opportunity for disconnection.”. Get yourself some downtime and start deep thinking. Some tips.

Twinned with the above really. Some handy tips for getting better sleep. With more faces stuck in screens, a much busier work and home life, our sleep is being affected.

This from Google blew me away. The evolution of music over a long long time. Interactive. Pretty. This is how you present data. Paying attention media types?

“As someone that bought books from Malcolm Gladwell before and as someone that binge buys, we know you are going to buy this so we went ahead and shipped it already.” This almost seems like pre-cog or something. Amazon making educated guesses about what and where to ship before people buy.

Want to get rid of the location data embedded in your phone photos? Unsure do they have them? If you don’t know, then they do.

So how’s Jelly doing after week 1? My phone software is too old to run it. Boo. I won’t upgrade to ios7!

BBC trials doing video news headlines in Instagram.

Facebook is tweaking with your head! More text updates from friends = more of their friends will do updates. So they made that happen and it resulted in 9M more updates a day. Possibly helping the time on site and engagement metrics.

Somewhere. Show off your work.

Ad that doesn’t take the brand too seriously

I have no idea

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