Christmas Movies to watch in 2012/2013

Ones to watch every year really, any others to consider?

Die Hard
Die Hard 2
Home Alone
Santa Claus The Movie
Where Eagles Dare
Bad Santa
Love Actually
Willy Wonka (Original not Charlie)

Wizard of Oz
Miracle on 34th

Further Edit:
Trading Places,
James Bond,
A Charlie Brown Christmas,
Hook, The Snowman,
Citizen Kane,
Wonderful Life

More edits:
The Champ
The Apartment
Great Escape
Big, The Goonies, Swiss Family Robinson, Son of Paleface, You’ve Got Mail
Star Wars
Indiana Jones
Dr. Zhivago
Tokyo Godfathers
Jason and the Argonots
Princess Bride
Sound of Music
When Harry Met Sally
Surviving Christmas

16 Responses to “Christmas Movies to watch in 2012/2013”

  1. Ruairi says:


  2. Every James Bond movie ever made.

  3. A Charlie Brown Christmas. Short but lovely.

    But really there is only one movie to watch at Christmas. Already in your list. Die Hard.

  4. Damiden says:

    Agree on Trading Places, and for those of us in the border areas “Escape to Victory” has to be on the list.

  5. Anna Grace says:


  6. Elaine says:

    The Snowman – there’s a special anniversary edition out, I think. Must be watched with the David Bowie intro, NOT Mel Smith.
    Also Citizen Kane has a certain Christmassy feel.
    It’s a Wonderful Life a must.


  7. Aidan Walsh says:

    Groundhog Day

  8. Raul says:

    Life is beautiful ( La vita e bella )

  9. Kelvin says:

    Jingle All The Way – Arnie’s finest piece of work

  10. NiallOK says:

    No idea if it’s any good tbh, but there’s a sequel to The Snowman called “The Snowman & The Snowdog” being shown on Channel 4 on Christmas Eve’. Looks well worth a look if you’re a fan of the original!

  11. Kevin says:

    A Christmas Carol – version with George C. Scott

  12. The *original* Clash of the Titans.

  13. Cyril Moloney says:

    Bad Santa
    Home for the Holidays