Fluffy Links – Tuesday December 18th 2012

Got some tree decorations made for Christmas. Twitter birds Rick, not a prawn.

Wayra are looking for more companies to join their very cool incubator. Sign up here.

Good advice from Arnie on politics and business, no really.

Treasa is trying to document all those “Eire” markings on coastal areas around Ireland during World War II.

Smile Exchange. Not sure was it Hooley or someone else but one of them used to collect all the tar from factories for free and then came up with an idea on how to use it.

The premise behind the SMILE network is that one businesses waste or unused resource could become another businesses raw material resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship which saves both operating or disposal costs and procurement costs.

Batman, evolution of the logos.

Jimmy’s End from Alan Moore (yes that one) and Mitch Jenkins.

Video from Young Chef of the Year:

Such Great Heights:

One Response to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday December 18th 2012”

  1. Alan Foran says:

    Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought it was a prawn 😀