Fluffy Links – Sunday August 26th 2012

Culture Night Cork September 21st, 2012. (PDF of activities). Too many things to see!

After the well received courses in August, there’s another Digital Marketing course with Cork Chamber in October.

Like our page and we’ll add you to our Lotto syndicate. Legal scholars would love the idea that they won and someone that unliked the Page wanted their cut….

Nominations are now open for the 2012 Realex Payments Web Awards. We hit over 100 nominations in the first 24 hours. Youch.

via What Consumes me, wristband to monitor UV levels.

On that, a heart rate monitor that just uses your iPhone camera.

I would have ordered the Pigs Head Croquette but it seems many customers were put off by it.

Hacking an important weapon by the American military now. “We hacked their nets” sounds a bit too close to “all your base are belong to us” though.

And also, have been annoying you with this on Facebook but for those that have not seen this Toyota Auris video…

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