Fluffy Links – Tuesday September 4th 2012

OffSite. Tech Conference in the Celtic Ross Hotel. Thursday 27th of September.

Handy tool from Google to give you some marketing insights.

Hack4Europe Dublin 2012, Monday, 24 September.

The Dublin hackathon will bring together up to 30 developers from Ireland and other European countries in a two-day event. They will have access to the diverse Europeana collections – containing over 20 million records – throug

The more you buy into this Heaven idea, the higher the crime rate in your area, apparently. (Too easy a comment “Just ask the Vatican”)

Dublin Talks. Want to find out what Ireland’s next big idea is?

Each of our speakers will have just six minutes to tell the audience what their big idea is without the use of PowerPoint, notes or podiums.

Making something people love.

Hans Zimmer, where the magic happens. This is some creative space. And it gives us things like this that he did with Patrick Cassidy:

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  1. Paul C says:

    Love the concept of Dublin Talks, especially the no powerpoint bit…