Fluffy Links – Monday August 13th 2012

Sabrina Dent is giving training classes in Email Marketing. One in Cork, one in Dublin. Well worth going to.

Learn the rules so you can break the rules.

Google will now throw you down Google rankings if there are too many copyright infringement claims against your website. As IsoHunt pointed out, this should mean YouTube is blocked by Google too. Yeah right. In some of the more vicious markets, I wonder will companies file more DMCAs to damage your rankings?

The Paralympics are up next too.

This may wind you up. Especially if you are a journalist. Ryan Holiday discusses manipulating bloggers by giving them dodgy “facts”, that in turn allows him to skew Wikipedia articles that references blog posts, these articles then get copy and pasted by journalists.

Startup incubators in Beirut. How they’re doing it.

One Response to “Fluffy Links – Monday August 13th 2012”

  1. David Quaid says:

    E-mail Marketing course – great idea > According to the Slideshare released by the head of the New Media team at the London Olympics team, they sent 4.3 million e-mails a day!

    Google is creating some huge issues around Copyright – in other news, the $750 payout demanded by the Authors Union could be a big, big, big blow to them, over the digitising of the books since 2004~