Fluffy Links – Saturday August 11th 2012

They’re now funded but The Exley in Brooklyn was looking for Kickstarter style investors and your small investment gets you x amount of goods (Beer and Food) back for your investment. It’s all part of Smallknot (check out the case studies) that is Kickstarter for local businesses. Love the idea. Imagine to have been able to invest in Crackbird or a business like that here?

And on that. StartupWiki for Ireland. List of Irish startups. If you don’t know how to add yourself, well that was a test.

Six mega-trends from Casual Connect Seattle.

Here’s a handy document from me on Facebook for Business.

The truthiness of fonts. Seems some fonts can actually make you trust the content you are reading more. That is until every scammer uses that font.

Olympic wireless hotspot police.

Vincent Browne and Denis O’Brien, not exactly up a tree.

Webelevate are looking for a new crop of students for their digital tech + gaming course. It’s part of Springboard.

TNGHT – Higher Ground (Hudson Mohawke x Lunice)

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