Futures of news

Some interesting things around news and websites in the past few days have popped up:

A memo or philosophical note from Buzzfeed on how they are all about built for purpose.

Some tips from Mashable on how journalists/media can use Facebook in a more productive way.

Why Gawker is moving beyond the blog.

Locally, I think Broadsheet is/are? something worth watching. A news site that has a tonne of fun and then can stop everyone in their tracks with a concise and sharp analysis piece. It evolved from funny things we’re watching on the web to a place where Irish people are sending their content and ensuring things are highlighted that other media miss or willfully ignore.

2 Responses to “Futures of news”

  1. Ed Melvin says:

    Agree re: Broadsheet Damien. Was just another snark site, but has built serious credibility. The Kate Fitzgerald incident was a turning point I think. Also worth looking at Pro Publica (http://www.propublica.org) and listening to Jeff Jarvis here – http://www.buzzmachine.com

  2. Cheers Ed. Propublica is excellent. Love their honesty too on how they work. Shame anyone here that could bankroll such an idea would instead fund it on buying media to stop in-depth analysis.