Fluffy Links – Monday July 30th 2012

I hope the Nexus Tablet 7 is a success because it should make the iPad better, even if only in a small way. No competition means there’s less urgency in Apple.

Unemployed? UL Kemmy Business School running free courses to help people get experience in the Aviation Leasing industry so they have better opportunity to get a job in the sector. Closing date now extended until Friday 10th August.

Some amazing growth stats from Broadsheet.ie. Well done folks.

A creche, with a co-working space upstairs. Love the idea. Would love to see more conferences with creche facilities. (I’m guilty of not providing those too)

Fascinating. The next iPhone and iPads will use fingerprint scanning for mobile payments? Apple just bought the best fingerprinting scanning company around.

Custard Cream gigantic mode. Nice branding for a certain large retail company.

Carried By Waves have a trailer up for their new album.

Sign me up Apple. Great recruitment video, makes you want to be part of the “movement”. Or cult.

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Love Comes To Me

Hack a topia. This device can be dropped into your company and it can be operated remotely to hack your network. Has own 3G connection. Commands can be texted to the device. Stealth mode. Scary. (Via William Gibson)

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