Fluffy Links – Saturday June 2nd 2012

Can you get milk for me? Jesus, there’s a web service for that now. I wonder could you get someone to pick something up for you and while they’re out, rob their gaff? Oh right. Someone already made that app too.

Online fraudsters and scammers. Good docu on how they work.

Good post from Josie Fraser about Social Media Guidelines in Education.

Gaydar. Seems science says that some people have it. To me this article maybe suggests that human cognition is still more powerful than DNA tests. Yet we are trying to remove human abilities from science instead of using them to unlock more scientific discoveries.

Nice that a Church says sorry for Christian bigots.

This crowd make some lovely iPad apps for kids.

GMail do new types of ads. Send an ad as an email eh?

Hackney Colliery Band – Under the Bridge

One Response to “Fluffy Links – Saturday June 2nd 2012”

  1. Lisamareedom says:

    Tocaboca is like Angry Birds for Autistic kids. Much adored xx