Fluffy Links – Sunday May 27th 2012

The Holy Numbers. Tommie Kelly is back and having fun with this comic.

West Cork Development Partnership are doing a series of web workshops. I like the idea of the Responsive Design one.

Love this. All the Twitter accounts for the London Underground routes.

Make things people want rather than make people want your things.

Breaking bread. Nixon McInnes go over the social aspect of business, today and historically.

Guy hides away inside AOL building his startup. Totally ticks the box of every person that wants to build a startup on a shoestring. The truth is somewhere else I would think but that would be boring, right? I expect this story to be reused by some entreprenurial social startup hacker in Ireland in about 5, 4, 3 …

You may have heard of Jonny Ive, the guy that designs all the pretty Apple items. This guy is probably his strongest influence. Dieter Rams. You will know his work.

Social TV. James Whatley has some ideas. I agree. Not enough innovation even when the tech is brand spanking new. Not just about tech, is it.

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One Response to “Fluffy Links – Sunday May 27th 2012”

  1. Great Fluffies today Damien! Particularly like the “Make things people want rather than make people want your things” quote, it’s tough to do but so, so important