Fluffy Links – Monday March 5th 2012

NY Times piece about doing business in China or Russia. Leave all electronics at home as you’ll be snooped on/hacked.

eircom Start Up. Video pitch about your business. Winner gets 2.3k in telecoms credit and gear.

And on eircom. Revealing data on their three strikes rule which they have told the Govt they do not like and doesn’t protect their customers enough.

Great data and insight on how to use Kickstarter exceptionally.

3D Printer prices from various manufacturers. In a few years you’ll be using Pirate Bay to download designs to print on your 3D printers.

What else is needed for startups in Ireland? Dylan Collins weighs in.

Tabs on Facebook are shite and the new changes kind of reflect that.

There’s a whitepaper for the Social Media Awards out. We interviewed winners from the 2011 event and compiled them together. Worth a gawk.

A word that gets you wrecked

One Response to “Fluffy Links – Monday March 5th 2012”

  1. Mat Morrison says:

    I suspect that the changes are designed to send some traffic back to the Tabs. Certainly the last Page redesign (where Tabs were demoted to the side-bar) seemed to reduce views on Tabs. Perhaps the three new call-outs will work better? Yet to be seen.