Fluffy Links – Saturday January 28th 2012

Selling your ignorance, not your expertise. Charles Eames had a nice philosophy about work. The documentary is fantastic and somewhat revealing about the way they worked.

Do you bitch and moan about the Late Late on Twitter? Seems they see it as helping their ratings. Interview with their exec producer. Viewer numbers should be compared more to the population growth though.

EI want to fund you up to 50k. Terms and conditions apply. Seems sending in “I’m Damien Mulley” is not enough detail in an application for money.

Finally, a QR code that works for getting attention. It’s just…

Tom Watson’s reaction and not firing his intern for being stupid is probably a good way to respond by person or entity alike.

This sounds interesting. How does one become the number 1 gun in America? Glock – the musical, er the book.

DoneDeal sees a billion floating through their service. Woah.

Why privacy matters, even if you have “nothing to hide”.

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