Fluffy Links – Sunday January 22nd 2012

This really shows how infinitely small mankind is, view of the milky-way from the space station:

Leo Burnett’s letter to his staff telling them to believe in the products they do ads for. Makes sense today too.

Watched this documentary about the Eames (blocks anyone outside of US from watching unless you have a proxy). It’s fascinating and inspiring. A 90 year old architect in it describes being “really fucked off” when desert at one of their dinners was a few vases of real flowers and it was a visual desert. It’s hilarious. The architect is Kevin Roche, Irish born, Cork reared and went to the States and designed the UN Plaza amongst many other things. And he has a book out.

I’m sure people will think it’s horrid but Katie Price tweeting as part of a Snickers ad is an interesting way of doing marketing.

Interesting times ahead for RTÉ and the way they structure advertising.

Nice. Breakingnews.ie is on the Washington Post Social Reader now.

If you had a lot of ads at the top of your webpages/website. Google now dislikes this.

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