Fluffy Links – Saturday November 19th 2011

The annual IrissCon security conference and HackEire, the ethical hacking event are on this year on November 23rd. Taking place in D4 Berkeley Court, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4,

Laughing Lion Tees has been born. All the t-shirts are illustrated by Jennifer Farley. Might make nice Christmas gifts.

Sarah blogged her experiences of Hard Working Class Heroes. Nice coverage.

Want landscape advice or it done for you? Gorgeous Gardens is around for that. They’re currently doing a “Recession Special” Christmas Voucher.

Steve’s Job. Stephen Cleary is looking for a job.

Startup advice in 13 sentences.

Welcome to the future. A full dual-core computer in a USB stick. Very James Bond.

Sports Stars and Social Media is going to be huge soon enough, even in Ireland.

BBC documentary on perfume. Part 1 of episode 1:

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