Trade – A review

Trade – another ThisIsPopBaby production. I left this as a Tripadvisor review, the screenshot and text is below. Currently the review is pending in Tripadvisor.


Trade – Written by Mark O’Halloran

Perhaps this review makes it through, perhaps not but I figured that this site-specific play set in a B&B could just as easily be reviewed on Tripadvisor.

This is a play about a client and his rentboy, set in a room in a B&B and going over the thoughts, backgrounds and motivations of the two characters. A slow uncomfortable build up with mostly the “client” moving this play forward and squeezing out the backstory of both characters. Hang your comfort levels with your coat in the hall before coming in while inside you’ll become completely sucked in by this play.

Directed by Tom Creed, Designed by Ciarán O’Melia and Produced by Phillip McMahon, something worth experiencing if you are lucky enough to get tickets

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