Fluffy Links – Wednesday 12th October 2011

Tiny Telephone Exchange. New band. Check our their soundcloud.

Internet Privacy and the Right to be Forgotten a talk by Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, Professor, Oxford. Tuesday 25 October at 12.45p.m. (Warning Deputy Dawg type droopy sad face after link)

A talk on emotion being a key part of marketing. I dunno. Not sure if this fully works. Also, you’re adopted.

A nice campaign from UNHCR. It’s called ‘do 1 thing’. You can support refugees and asylum seekers with the campaign by donating, campaigning or just learning a single fact and share what you’ve done. I like the fact that they really don’t push for donations. Other orgs in the charity space have been on record as saying they want donations and nothing more. Refreshing. The campaign runs until Monday 24 October.

Purchase.ie is an online store where you can buy eco-friendly products. Good name is that. Also they share tips for a more green halloween. Nothing to do with dressing up as the Hulk.

Lovely post by JP about Steve Jobs and how you can like his work and that of Apple even if you’re an open source supporter. And also reminded me to read this old Playboy interview that’s a fascinating insight into the man.

Agnes Obel. Cork. December. Woo.


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