A year in an hour and a bit

If you were to bump into this witty and cultured guy at a friend’s party and think he’s a good laugh and he invites some friends and you to another party, you take his car and on the way to this other gaff you realise it’s not his car, he just lifted keys from the original party and he’s actually on second thoughts a bit mental and with a scary dark side and you have no idea where the fuck you’ll end up or if you’ll escape, then you’re slightly experiencing the genius that is Neil Watkins and his play The Year of Magical Wanking. And if you only breathe out after that last full stop, this is what the play will do to you. You can’t be prepared, so go with it. Funny, scary, intelligent and with spit in your face honesty. It could just be a little bit liberating.

Runs 9-17 September 2011 in Project Arts Centre. Tickets on sale from Absolut Fringe Dublin 2011.

This is the new trailer.

And this is just five minutes of what you’ll be experiencing:

2 Responses to “A year in an hour and a bit”

  1. Enormous says:

    Love Neil! Had a similarly madcap stroll with him recently after bumping into him in town. Thankfully he was without his beard or else I would never have recognised him! Really looking forward to his fringe show only this time I think I won’t bring my mammy… 🙂 Thanks for shariing this Damien!

  2. […] and death is always going to get you thinking about these topics. That’s the idea surely. The Year of Magical Wanking has left me thinking for years after seeing it. Selfish introspection bit warning: When […]