Fluffy Links – Sunday August 21st 2011

Coffee product placement by TV3, sure haven’t they been doing product placement in comics for ages?

Ah there’s another ex-Demonware founder let loose on the bloggersphere. Sean Blanchfield, hello.

Nice idea from Paul. SEO in a box, type service. 747 SEO.

Tickles, another deal site, this time for us down South are hiring. Part of the TCH Group.

Woah. From a McDonald’s (why did he not cover his tracks properly?) a disgruntled employee almost totally wiped out the tech infrastructure of his ex-Pharma bosses. Virtual servers eh?

Seen all those cool levitating type pics from Asia? Here’s how they do it. Yer man has the same accent as Paul Whitehouse. Via Hyperallergic.

Active Child – Hanging On

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