Fluffy Links – Monday January 24th 2011

Still finding myself type 2010 and not 2011.

Measure It! is on in the Science Gallery on Feb 2nd at 10am.

Via Tommy, James Eggers does a fantastic YoungSci project on emotion and sentiment on Twitter.

New politics/election site: CampaignTrail.ie

Dave Winer gives advice to Keith Olbermann. Going to the Internet, I dunno. Conan needed very traditional media to get nice leg up online which he then channeled back into traditional media too. I do like the idea of using all channels/platforms though. Mutually exclusive are both oldskool ways of doing things.

Wine bottle labels with 3D bits. Wonder if you leave your 3D glasses on when drinking, what happens.

Iron and Wine stream their album on the TeamCoCo website. Nice alignment of Conan and bands.

Brian Rossi emailed and asked to mention some of his songs.

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  1. People in Fermanagh are angry pretty much all the time, so.