Fluffy Links – Monday June 28th 2010

Research done on Facebook usage shows ads work and status updates are looked at a lot.

I love the terms and conditions for Vimeo. Usual legal speak with the human take next to them.

Via a Snappie Turtle is this wonderful gallery of Swedish Subway stations.

Via Ben The Guardian redone to show one story per page. Simple but beautiful. No ads or other competition would mean more attention per story I would guess but attention would fade quicker too I should think?

Scissor Sisters take out a fake ad on a real escort website to promote their album. Ballsy. You wouldn’t get Boyzone doing that.

BBC interactive map of Road Deaths. Visual stats are good.

Compare this to the visual diagram on how to make Gumbo.

Want to know how to get Mayorship of a venue on Foursquare? Here.

Paul Weller – You do something to me

2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Monday June 28th 2010”

  1. Danka says:

    I was doing some research about Facebook usage in Ireland and was very excited to use the pdf report. Was very helpful.

    I find your fluffy links quite useful. Love your blog.

    Damien do you provide free marketing advice? or your service is paid? Thanks

  2. Thanks Danka. Yes my marketing advice is paid. How I feed myself toast and butter each day. Send me an email though if you want some quick feedback. There’s also this: http://mulley.ie/blog/2009/01/giving-away-our-online-marketing-documentation/