Fluffy Links – Tuesday 29th June 2010

Great videos from Ian (He’s back) of Heathers in concert.

An aspiring stand-up comedian who is doing a comedy gig in each of the 32 counties blogs about the experience. No punchline.

Davey starts a series on taking good photos with your iPhone.

Just one or two spaces left for the How to build a social media campaign on July 21st with the amazing Will McInnes.

Yahoo! has a style guide. Great resource is this subsite.

Via Seán Bonner, Jotnot, turn your iPhone into a scanner.

via Ewan Anil Dash – “Defending the Indefensible”

Doctor Who playing Doctor Who, with Orbital.

2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday 29th June 2010”

  1. There’s also a great version of Orbital’s Doctor Who on the ‘Live at Glastonbury 1994 – 2004’ album (a really great album btw).

  2. Thanks for the link Damien 😉