Fluffy Links – Monday March 15th 2010

I’ve been watching and dipping into Kilcullen Diary for years at this stage and it was great the other day to finally meet Brian who looks after it. To me it’s a pretty perfect example of what a local blog can do for a community.

I like this, guy in Court in Ireland suffers claustrophobia, Judge moves court outside.

Co-Working club Limerick is kicking off.

Cybercom are looking for a Communities Manager. Nice job that.

Loving it. See the visitors list to the White House.

Bing gets a truck load of traffic from … Google.

Fantastic piece on Gander, small town in Newfoundland that had 40+ planes land there on 9/11 when all planes got grounded. 6k people land in a town that holds 10k people. Lovely story of people looking after others.

Kid Cudi – Pursuit Of Happiness

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